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Emotions finished?

  • This year, four races and as many wins, three of which group 1: «Roger believed in me more than anyone. And fortunately continues to do so, I will never cease to thank him.» rising pressure: «But I try to be cool, to play down. Tomorrow, before the race, I will help Frankie (Dettori ed) with his jokes, his irony.

    We have a great relationship, the beginning has always said do not give me and continues to support me. » two others — Even Dettori is on track (with Order of Saint George) hunting the fifth victory to become the rider with the most wins. «The last stand — confesses Lanfranco — is not the best, but I have available a horse soon, able to hold the large 2400 meters of Chantilly, which has a straight longer and more selective than Longchamp». Almost prohibitive instead of the now French engagement Cristian Demuro teamed with the One Foot in Heaven outsider.

    Japan — The main threat seems the Japanese Makahiki, who galloped strong victorious in the Prix Niel. It is the 18th Japanese horse in the history of the race. Since 1969 (the first attempt with Speed ​​Symbols) at most a few second places, including the former Italian (Luciano Gaucci) White Muzzle the 1993 edition won by Urban Sea.

    Michael Ferrante  @ MFerrante1160

    March 19, 2019 — Milan Duvan Zapata, 27 years. LaPresse You are in front of two rankings, so different that it is hard to believe that they can relate to one team. On the one hand it is away, and not a little, from the areas that count. On the other hand, listening quietly jingle nicest looking from a comfortable +2 the first direct attacking.

    Matter of home and away, where in theory you should have a different performance: in front of their own fans, pushed by their enthusiasm, easy to think of a match by a thousand per hour. Taking planes and trains, on the other hand, we are preparing for a little ‘more work to get the result. Here, only in theory.

    Because in Bergamo works exactly the opposite. Call it, the strange world of the Goddess. Atalanta v Chievo 1-1, Gasperini: «Well done to straighten it» slow — In a hypothetical League only homemade shifts, Atalanta would eleventh.

    Score surprising (non-positive) summarized by 6 wins, 4 draws and 4 defeats (25 goals scored, 16 conceded). A total of 22 points, media that has little to do with the bubbly team that has often offered a kick-show in the almost three years of Gasperini management. Statistics that have a tactical reason: all’Atleti Azzurri d’Italian opponent closes and Gomez, Ilicic and Zapata is not always possible to invent in a handkerchief. Ok a dribble, even two, maybe three, then it becomes hard.

    Leaving Zingonia, however, the Nerazzurri are transformed. There no joke. There even are worth the Champions League. rhythm super — Analyzing the championship match of the external, Atalanta flies finishing in fourth place (23 points, Milan to -2).

    And to think that before Sunday’s 1-1 with Chievo and 2-3 in the Milan derby Atalanta were ahead of Inter (now third). For the GASP, so far, 7 successes (three with 4-goal), 2 draws and 5 k.o. (32 networks made, 23 against). Numbers not random, because at home it must be more daring.

    And with so many restarts available, Gomez and his friends go to the wedding: the deadly attack, outside of midfield to the entire range and ready to put it in the middle (or to hit the far post) with Papu, Ilicic and Zapata in the area to hurt. Call it the strange world of the Goddess. The goal, for the final rush of the season, will make it as «normal» as possible. VIDEOS OF JOURNAL TV Francesco Fontana  @ fontafrancesco1 © Reproduction reserved write your comment 0      

    November 14, 2015 — Milan L’Equipe give notice that among the long list of casualties of bombings in Paris there is also Aristide Barraud, the median opening of the twenty-six French Mogliano. Raised in Massy, ​​Barraud then wore the shirt of the Stade Français. According to information gathered by the French newspaper, the player would have been wounded in the lung and immediately operated.

    His condition, as reported by a cousin, are stationary and the rugby player is out of danger. Barraud wore the shirt of the French national youth under 18, under 19 and under 20. According to information gathered by his old club of Massy, ​​Barraud was on a terrace of a Parisian apartment when he was reached by the bullet.

    In a statement of Mogliano speaking invede of its presence in one of the sites of the attacks. Paris Bataclan, dramatic escape. desperate race between shots from mogliano — In the last statement, released by the Venetian society come reassuring news: «We get immense relief from communication dad, that Aristide is not life threatening. It ‘was involved with his sister while he was in one of the sites of the attacks.

    The sister was injured in a major way to an 1xbet live basketball arm and will have to undergo certain interventions, while Aristide was hit by two bullets, one in the leg and one in the chest. it ‘was an emergency operation to repair damage reported by the lung and is now in intensive care. Both are to be considered life threatening but to know the consequences of their injuries have to wait a few more days, in the meantime will remain under observation «. STOP THE SPORT — The preventive measures put in place by the French authorities following the attacks of the night in Paris, which, among other things, imposed a halt to all sporting events scheduled for the weekend in the capital.

    Salta, then the Champions Cup rugby match between Racing and the Glasgow Warriors, the team in which he also plays the blue Simone Favaro. The Stade Français team captain Sergio Parisse last night was rather on the pitch at Welford Road, with Leicester Tigers. When terrorism strikes sport from Monaco in 1972 at the Stade de France Roberto Parretta-Emanuele Spironello

    February 3, 2019 — Milan Sconamiglio (Pescara) on Torregrossa (Brescia), author of two goals against the people of Abruzzo, LaPresse Sunday in Serie B gives new leaders: the Brescia that overwhelms a Pescara unrecognizable. The Benevento takes home the sixth consecutive helpful by winning against Venice and climbing to fifth in the standings dragged from Insigne and Coda networks. Equal that it serves to little in Crotone-Livorno, with both teams that remain dangerously enmeshed in hot areas.

    Pescara-Brescia 1-5 — The Brescia at home away win of Pescara unrecognizable and there is a night queen of Series B looking forward to the match between Palermo and Foggia, on Monday at 21. A carry forward the Brescia is the usually Donnarumma, on a penalty kick. Here are the networks of fellow Romagnoli and Bisoli.

    At the end of the first half, the Brescia 3-0. In reestablishing, 56 ‘, another penalty for Lombard: Torregrossa marks the momentary 4-0. Two minutes after the Pescara replied with the Monachello goal, but it is a useless network.

    For a minute left, Torregrossa doubles: Pescara-Brescia 1-5 ends. The Abruzzo remain quarters, but the Benevento chasing them to -1 point. benevento venice-3-0 — At Stadium Ciro Vigorito, the first real danger it creates the Benevento to 27 ‘with a brushstroke mancina Insigne of punishment, the giallorosso overcomes the barrier but Vicar flies to remove the ball from under the crossbar. The best chances to create the hosts and 46 ‘is the post to deny him the advantage.

    Volta pounced on a cross into the area and impacts hit safely, but the wooden denies him the joy of the goal. At 58 ‘of space Bonaiuto personal action that door means Venice and goes around to the conclusion; out a little. He pulls and retreats that the goals will come. At 62 ‘Insigne slips between the meshes of the Venetian defense, receives a fortuitous assists from queue with the left and the all’angolino square.

    Tempers are inflamed in the last ten minutes with a mini riot in the Sunni area that leads to the expulsion of Domizzi. It closes the queue that match 90 ‘occurs from the diskette and realizes with coldness. Emotions finished? No, because Insigne still wants to goal.

    Bandinelli flies on the left and puts in half for the Neapolitan talent that head, not his specialty, signed the fifth goal in the league. THE JOURNAL VIDEO TV crotone-Livorno 1-1 — Top nightmare for Crotone that the 5 ‘is found just below. Cross tagliatissimo of diamonds from the right, buying the January Spolli spoke awkwardly and bags in her door.

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